Who We Are

We are a gathering of people in the Peterborough area, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an are our holy books. We feel we are all descendants of Abraham.

We have been meeting in Peterborough since 2003 in a spirit of joy and wonder as we discover both our similarities and our differences. We are discovering we are spiritual cousins.

Mission Statement

To take serious steps toward the peace that our traditions demand of us through continued learning and dialogue by:

Growing grass-roots relationships among those who have been strangers

Listening and learning from each others’ traditions

By opening our hearts to each others’ perspectives

By supporting each other as extended family members

By celebrating our commonalities

By providing a model of tolerance for the greater community



We will create a network of Jews, Christians and Muslims who will work together:

  • To demystify “the other” and grow relationships that bind together those who have been strangers
  • To listen and learn from each others traditions
  • To open our hearts to each others perspectives
  • To support each other as extended family

The traditions of our three religions teach us to have compassion, to seek justice, and to pursue peace for all.

In the name of the one God whom we all serve and celebrate, we condemn all forms of violence. All our traditions demand peace. We commit ourselves to continued dialogue to pursue the compassion and justice called for by Abraham, by Jesus and by Mohammed.
We will act locally to create a network of Jews, Christians and Muslims who will promise to try to achieve peace and justice in our community and in the world.

Abraham’s Prayer

Oh my Lord! Bestow wisdom on me, and join me with the righteous;
Grant me honourable mention on the tongue of truth among the latest generations;
Make me one of the inheritors of the garden of bliss;
Forgive my father, for that He is among those astray;
And let me not be in disgrace on the day when men will be raised up.

Holy Qur’an 26 : 83-87