Letter of Peace

We are members of the families of Abraham –Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

Our traditions teach us to have compassion, seek justice, and pursue peace for all peoples. We bear especially deep concern for the region where Abraham learned and taught, journeyed and flourished. Today that region is known as the greater Middle East — from Iraq, where Abraham grew up, to Israel and Palestine, where he sojourned.

Today our hearts are broken by the violence poured out upon the peoples of that region. From our heartbreak at destructive actions, we intend to open our hearts more fully to each other and to the suffering of all peoples.

In the name of the One God Whom we all serve and celebrate, we condemn all forms of violence. To take serious steps toward the peace that all our traditions demand of us, we commit ourselves to continued learning and dialogue. We will act to create a multi-faith network of Jews, Christians and Muslims who will covenant together –

  • To grow grass-roots relationships that that bind together those who have been enemies into a Compassionate Coalition.
  • To listen and learn from each other’s traditions
  • To open our hearts to each other’s perspectives
  • To support each other as extended family members

According to tradition, Abraham kept his tent open in all four directions, the more easily to share his food and water with travelers from anywhere. In that spirit, we welcome all those who thirst and hunger for justice, peace, and dignity.


Helen McCarthy, Abraham Festival Chairperson
Father Paul Massel, St. Alphonsus Parish
Ann Farlow, St. Alphonsus Parish
Muhammad Saleem Shaikh, Kawartha Muslim Association
Hamed Mohammed, Imam of Masjid Al-Salaam
Elizabeth Rahman, Kawartha Muslim Association
Rabbi Jordan Cohen, The Orchard Multifaith Spirituality Centre
Paula Baruch, Beth Israel Synagogue Educator
and You?