“Peace is not the denial of war. Peace is a state of being in which all conflicts and all problems have ceased; it is not a theory, not an ideal to be achieved after ten incarnations, ten years or ten days. As long as the mind has not understood its own activity, it will create more misery; and the understanding of the mind is the beginning of peace………….Peace will come only when you yourself are peaceful, when you yourself are at peace with your neighbour.”


2023 – Abraham Festival

On October 13, 2023 the Abraham festival began with Jummah prayers at The OASIS centre in St. James United Church.  Muslims were joined by Christian & Jewish supporters of the Abraham Festival.

It was a very tender time, a week after the Hamas attack in Israel and the fierce bombing of Gaza in retaliation.   So this gathering for Jummah prayers  was very meaningful, poignant, and yet joyful.  After Habeeb, our Abraham Festival  ambassador from Toronto, led us through the prayers, he suggested that we have a listening circle to support one another in this uncertain time.

 Festival goers were scheduled to meet at the Synagogue for Shabbat prayers in the evening.  However given the circumstances, the members of Beth Israel decided they would like to postpone this visit for a later time.  Festival goers later gathered at the Beth Israel Synagogue on on November 17th.

On Sunday we gathered for the Christian worship at St. James United led by Rev. Julie  and the sermon was given by  Rev. Andrew McPherson who flew in from BC especially for the Festival..

Following the service we entered the Festival through the “Tent of Abraham” open on 4 signs, sides, a sign of hospitality.  We were treated to a pot luck lunch, music by Saskia and friends and a special cake made by Penny.

After eating, announcements, welcomes and awards, people were up dancing to the sound of music from each cultural tradition.   

We had words of congratulations from Bishop Meihm, Ron Wood,  Deputy Mayor from Selwyn,   We had greetings from the Three Amigos, a rabbi, a priest and an Imam, who led a thoughtful and entertaining presentation at the Abraham Festival a few years ago.  

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