WE as a people have faith in each other. Also, irrespective of which faith we choose to follow, all our faiths teach us the common message, ‘We have to look out and care for one another’.

The current times have offered us an opportunity to reflect, provide care and comfort in new ways. By staying at home in social distancing, by serving as frontline workers, through prayers and positive intentions or through donating time and money.

The Abraham Festival has always lived this message of oneness through it’s work in the community. On April 18th 2020, the Abraham Festival transcended the celebration of the common message of oneness, comfort and being together ONLINE.

Faith leaders from the Abrahamic traditions were invited to present a reading from their sacred text which spoke to caring for one another. The faith leaders then shared their reflections about each other’s readings that provided comfort and wisdom from the background of their own faith teachings.

We offer our sincere thanks to Dr. Dan Houpt, Rev. Julie van Haaften, Rev, Jessica Beecham-Stockton & Shaikh Habeeb Alli for their readings, reflections, music and poetry.

We thank all those who attended for their wonderful response to our online event and we take pleasure in sharing the event with you here along with a transcript of the event.

Peace, salaam, shalom